We are a full-service agency focused on creative thinking to deliver the best logical solutions for brands and entrepeneurs


  • Branding

    What is branding? it's best described as the reaction to your marketing. Branding is not something you do but rather something that happens the way you want to if you imply the right strategy. We can help you develop and imply the best working strategy for your brand.

  • Marketing

    Marketing refers to the activities a company undertakes to promote their business and/or to sell products or services. In 2021 it's getting more challenging to make sure your message reaches the right audience and has the necessary effect. We provide services that tackle these challenges.

  • Webdevelopment

    Looking to build a new webshop, website or landingspage? Well, look no further because we provide all kinds of webdevelopment services from creation to optimalization for a sharp and competitive price.

  • Research & Insights

    Want to gain more information about your product, service, target audience and or achievements. We provide a thourough research and insights service to give you valuable information on how to develop and grow your brand.


  • Photography

    Looking for product-, portait-, city- or eventphotography? We got you. Let us know what your project is about so we can send u a matching portfolio from our work.

  • Video production

    Video production and video content is essential for setting up and running a succesful brand. We provide full video production services. Let us know what your project is about so we can send u a matching portfolio.

  • Music production

    In addition to our video services we provide music production in collaboration with Moezartsound. Why would you need music production? Well think about avoiding copyright claims or making something authenthic to seperate your brand from the crowd. Want to know how this can help your brand? Contact us.

  • Graphic design

    Graphic design is sharing ideas with visual compositions through typography, imagery, color and form. Our service solves communication issues with perfectly balanced logic and creativity so your ideas reach your target group as intended.



What About Us

Propopanda is a full-service creative agency providing logical and creative solutions for branding, marketing and production to entrepreneurs and small to big businesses.
The company is the brainchild of Shayan Mirza. The idea first came about during a study project in which Communication Bachelors were asked to set up some sort of company within the Communication Branche. After succesfully finishing the project, the idea for Propopanda stuck. A creative agency that provides logical and creative solutions to brands by keeping things simple and using a broad network of highly skilled and productive freelancers. About 2 years later, with more experience as a producer helping other media companies save tens of thousands, it was time to take things more seriously.
Starting with a few small projects for young entrepeneurs and small businesses, Propopanda has now rapidly grown its cliƫnt base to do branding and production work for some amazing international brands and entrepreneurs with impressive endeavors.
Our young team of creative do'ers and logical thinkers is always ready to elevate your projects to the next level.